What Are Water Kefir Grains?
Water kefir grains, also known as tibicos, Japanese water crystals, ginger beer plant, California bees and many other names are a culture of healthy bacteria and yeast used to brew a naturally fizzy cultured drink.  Water kefir is very easy to make and within 24-48 hours they create a probioitic-rich beverage that is slightly sweet and tangy.  Water kefir grains are very versatile and can ferment sugar water, teas, coconut water and various juices to make a healthy soda-like drink that is naturally carbonated and rich in organic acids, vitamins, minerals and living enzymes.

Why Choose Our Organic Kefir Grains?

  • Cultured with all organic sugar and organic ingredients
  • Contains over 40 different strains of healthy bacteria and yeasts
  • Gluten free
  • Reusable culture that continously grows and replicates to be used over and over forever
  • Easy to make - cultures at room temperature 65-80 degrees F
  • 4 generous tablespoons of living water kefir grains you can use immediately to make water kefir
  • Includes easy step by step directions to make your first batch of water kefir

Brewed with Organic Ingredients
Our water kefir grains are brewed with all organic ingredients including organic cane sugar, organic sucanat and organic juices.  Our facility does not use any toxic chemicals and provides a nurturing environment for our kefir grains to thrive.

Shipped Fresh
Your kefir grains are packed fresh upon order and shipped daily so you get them as quickly as possible.   Each order includes 4 very generous tablespoons of water kefir grains packed in kefir water to keep them fresh.  Upon arrival you can immediately begin making water kefir - no need to reactivate them.

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